Forum Title: What flexible couplers are safe to use on a roof?
I'm connecting 2" ABS to 2" ABS after I repair a section of the pipe? I understand some will deteriorate in direct sunlight over time?
Category: Plumber Post By: DANA RIOS (Tacoma, WA), 07/01/2017

What about a 2 ABS coupling?

- JOEL CARR (Belleville, IL), 09/01/2017

What is the pipe for? Vent? Normally that would be the only ABS pipe on the roof. use a banded Mission coupling or Proflex

- MARTHA BAKER (Greeley, CO), 09/15/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by Chuckiechan I had a roof re done, and had the pool water solar system removed and reinstalled by a solar company in Sacramento that does installs, etc. The panels are fine, as are most of the pipes, except on one section where it keeps leaking. It's a pipe up and a pipe down right before and after the roof jacks. They have been out at least twice fixing it, and when I turned it on the other day - first time this year - it leaks like a sieve. It's ABS pipe. He says he's using the right sealant. There must be three or four individual joints leaking in this small section - unnecessary splices from their screw up's. It's out of warranty - one year- but I'm going to see if he'll come back and fix it. But I don't have high hopes so I'll probably be hauling my 70 year old ass up there and doing it myself. It's a ~ 4 in 12 roof pitch so it's not all that bad. I digress... I plan to use flexible couplers, a 45, a couple of 90's, and a glue union.My actual question: Is there enough insert depth that using Oaty black, it will seal OK using ABS standard couplers? There is some pressure, but ABS is the standard of the solar water industry in my area. And what flexible union do you use that can be outdoors, long term, in brutal sunlight? I know some can't be and I don't want to get the wrong ones. BTW, even a tiny leak is unacceptable, because it will eat away my rain gutters in a year or two. Thanks in advance... Chuckie If you have the room for 2 soil pipe X ABS adapters and a banded coupling previously mentioned, should work just fine. They are intended fro use with connecting plastic to cast iron soil pipe with a NO-HUB banded coupling. ( NH pipe is slightly small in diameter than sch 40 plastic pipe. ) The ridge on the fitting helps prevent the pipe from slipping out of banded coupling. A Mission Band or Proflex coupling have thicker neoprene for a better seal. use them all the time for connecting sump pump discharge drain lines. Those are pressurized connections.

- DARLENE REID (Lynwood, CA), 10/01/2017

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